18.9-litre Sprinkle Drinking Water delivers freshness to customers throughout Bangkok and in outlying areas by a free delivery service.

  • Offices
  • Modern office buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Housing estates
  • Factories located in Bangkok and adjacent provinces

18.9 litre 62 baht per bottle

  1. Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  2. Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.
  3. Redenstock (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  4. Isuzu Engine Manufacturing Co., (Thailand) Ltd.
  5. Essilor Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  6. Colgate-Palmolove (Thailand) Limited
  7. Sunstar Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  8. Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
  9. Boots Retail (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  10. 3M Thailand Limited
  11. The Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited
  12. Government Housing Bank
  13. Amari Hotels and Resorts
  14. Bangkok Expressway Public Company Limited
  15. Bumrungrad International Hospital
Embassies in Bangkok include:
  • The Embassy of Brazil
  • Embassy of South Africa
  • State of Israel
  • The Embassy of Finland
  • Malaysia Embassy
  • New Zealand Embassy
  • Embassy of The United States
  • Royal Norwegian Embassy
  • The Embassy of The Republic of Peru
  • Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
  • Embassy of Spain
  • Republic of Poland
  • Republic of Bulgaria
  • The British Embassy
  • The Embassy of Belgium
  • Embassy of The Republic of Singapore
  • The Consulate of The Republic of Chile
  • Saudi Arabia Embassy
  • The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
  • Embassy of Ukraine
  • The Embassy of the Slovak Republic
  • The Australian Embassy
  • Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Embassy of The State of Kuwait
  • Embassy of Oman
  • The Embassy of Greece and Consulate General
  • Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Republic of the Union of Myanmar