Sprinkle Drinking Water

Sprinkle 550 ml

New Design

Minimize plastic usage to the essentials
to Restore Nature to its richness
1. Subscribe 18.9-liter water
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Why Sprinkle Drinking Water
Pure Drinking Water By Technology
From a Natural Water Source, through the Advanced Technology of Purification of Ultra Filtration, RO, UV, and Ozone
Consistent in Quality and Taste even during Saltwater situation. Certified FSSC 22000, ISO 9001:2015, CODEX HACCP&GHPs, MiT
Best Value, Save Time, Save Energy
Less than 4 baht/liter with Contactless Delivery. No More having to Call / Wait / Pick Up / Purchase / Change your Filter
Environmental Friendly
With Reused Polycarbonate Bottles similar to Baby Bottle. Don’t Lose it, Reuse it!
Receive water in Tech Era
E-coupons, Delivery Notifications, Auto-Purchase Coupons Enable/Disable your Water Delivery. All from your Phone!
Transparent and Dedicated to Service
Whether the Delivery Officer, Call Center Staff, up to Executive at every level. Sincerity in Customer Service is the Most Important thing for us.
Customers say
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Hussain Al-Hussaini
I have been using the service of Sprinkle Water for over 3 years now. Not once have I had any problem with anything from water quality, delivery, customer support, and efficiency. Their staff are polite, helpful, and professional. They will also respond very quickly to any query sent to them.
Rhoda Pariñas
Good sevices , On time delivery , always updated notice and status
Tracy Shipp
We have been using Sprinkle water for many years now at both our home and foundation. From the customer service agents, to the delivery drivers, the service Sprinkle provides is top notch. And it's nice that the water tastes good, also. :)
Their customer service is very helpful and the water delivery service is very punctual and the water taste good no smell .highly recommended!
Advanced Technology for
The Ultimate Purity
Step 1
Ultrafiltration uses a hollow fiber membrane to effectively remove particles of 0.01 micron such as turbidity, suspended particles, microplastics, silica, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, and parasites.
Step 2
Reverse Osmosis eliminates contaminants as small as 0.0001 micron and filters out saltiness, bacteria, viruses, hard metals, as well as any toxic compounds. The company establishes a continuous quality control system to maintain the highest standard.
Step 3
Ultraviolet light to disinfect micro-organisms
Step 4
Ozonation to complete micro-organism disinfection
Our quality accredetations
FSSC 22000
Green Industry Certificate
ISO 9001
reddot award 2014 best of the best
MiT Made in Thailand
Thai Stop Covid
DBD Registered
Adapted to Global Changes,
Perfect for Modern Consumers
16 of our Sprinkle drinking water distribution centers manage the delivery with the utmost efficiency, covering all 16 areas in Bangkok and the Metropolitan region.
Home, office, building, condominium, apartment, or factory – we are always ready to deliver the refreshing drinking water at your door.
SPRINKLE's Social Responsibility
Sprinkle supports the association of persons with physical disability international and the Pollution control department in the project for disability
M. Water Co., Ltd. gave obsolete electronic equipment to contribute to the project “Prosthetic leg” in the Royal and used staples for constructing crutches to the association of persons with physical disability international and the Pollution control department in the project for disability.
Sprinkle gives drinking water to flood victims in Intharapramun Subdistrict Administrative Organization area, Ang Thong Province
On October 22, 2022, M. Water Co., Ltd. gave 300 packs of 1.5L of Sprinkle Drinking Water to support and alleviate flood victims' suffering in Intharapramun Subdistrict Administrative Organization area, Ang Thong. The company also went to the area to distribute Sprinkle drinking water to the people affected by the disaster in the Neighborhood.
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