Source of Production

The Starting Point…filled with quality Before becoming the Sprinkle Drinking Water in your glass, it was tap water. It has undergone quality inspections at every step by the Quality Inspection Department staff of Sprinkle. Samples are regularly sent for analysis by an official agency. Only water approved by the agency will be accepted for the production process, which relies on advanced technology at every step.

Quality of Drinking Water

The quality of “Sprinkle” drinking water is treated and disinfected through 4 hi-tech processes.
Step 1
Ultra Filtration eliminates fine particles larger than 0.01 micron and any existing yeasts, molds or bacteria during this initial filtration.
Step 2
Reverse Osmosis eliminates unwanted dissolved organic and inorganic substances, hard metals, viruses, yeasts and any toxic compound.
Step 3
The process of using Ultraviolet light disinfects prior to bottling.
Step 4
The Ozonation process ensures complete microorganism disinfection. Every 2 hours random inspections are carried out on all filtration processes to ensure absolute cleanliness.

Quality of the Tube

Throughout the Filtration and Production Process
The Company has set up a regular cleaning program, which repeats and verifies the analysis results from the Swab test for micro-organisms. In additional, the system of “Cleaning in Place”, implemented in the pharmaceutical industry, has also been adopted for cleaning the tube network within our factory.

Quality of the Bottles

A further step forward in Safety
For 18.9-Litre Sprinkle bottles, you can be confident about the cleanliness and safety of Sprinkle bottles, because they are produced from polycarbonate material, exactly the same as that used in the production of feeding bottles for babies.

The bottles are crystal clear, blue in colour, and highly heat resistant, which ensures they are safe when they pass through the hot-water washing process before filling.

Utmost Care...

You can be assured of the utmost care in every stage of filling bottles at Sprinkle.

You can be confident about the cleanliness of every drop of Sprinkle drinking water. Before each empty bottle is rotated for refilling, it is carefully washed by three washing procedures.

Step 1
Cleaning is carried out using a highly efficient washing solution certified by FDA. Every hour random inspections are carried out to ensure efficiency.
Step 2
The next wash uses disinfectant in hot water.
Step 3
There is injection rinsing, with drinking water of the same quality as the water with which the bottles will ultimately be filled. Random inspection by Swab Test is carried out and then the clean bottles are filled by automatic filling and capping machines for optimum safety.


The caps of 18.9-litre Sprinkle bottles are specifically designed for one-time usage, much safer than the reusable screw-type caps you see used elsewhere. The cap is imprinted with our logo and clearly displays the production and expiry dates to confirm the product’s international production standard achievement