Various house brands under
the same standard quality.

M. Water Co., Ltd. has earned confidence to be the producer of the bottled drinking water for several companies, which have no doubts in its consistent quality standard even if the brand-names and labelling are different. For example.
  • Bumrungrad Hospital International
  • Boots Retail Shop Thailand
  • The Cook Food Center
  • Naambork
  • Yingcharoen Market
  • Suwan Golf
  • Bliston Suwan Park View
  • Treecreeper Bakery & Dinning
  • Maxim's BISTRO
  • BBQ Plaza
Any interested person to require for full details about bottled drinking water in your own brand-name, please contact us at
Phone : 02-712-7272 ext 1006
Fax : 02-712-7496
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