When you become a new Sprinkle member for the first time, you will receive one set of 24 drinking-water coupons, which can be used as cash to exchange for 24 bottles of Sprinkle drinking water. Coupons are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Family or Small-sized Office Where total bottle deposits are between 3 and 15 bottles to cover moderate consumption, members can make a minimum order of one set consisting of 24 coupons.

Large-sized Office or Industrial Factory Where total bottle deposits are in excess of 15 bottles, members are required to purchase a considerably larger number of coupons in exchange for sufficient bottles of drinking water to cover one month.

Coupons running out?...The System will automatically print out a new set of coupons. When a member’s coupons are running out, a new set of coupons will automatically be printed out and handed to the member at the next delivery.

Order more coupons ...When more drinking water is required. If your consumption of bottled water has increased, causing your coupons to run out more quickly than anticipated, please place your order at the Call Center on 02-712-7272 quoting:

- Membership Number
- Name of Contact Person
- Telephone Number


Each coupon contains the following important data:
  • Coupon Number
  • Member’s Name
  • Membership Number
  • Date of Purchase
  • Date of Expiry
  • Barcode
When our delivery staff supply bottled water, the member must give one coupon for each new bottle received. The delivery staff will return all coupons to the company for scanning of the barcodes and storage of all data in the computer system. This provides convenience and safety for all members, who do not have to pay cash for each bottle of water.
or contact our delivery staff. Members should order new coupons when their stock is down to three or four, so that there will be enough time for new coupons to accompany the next delivery. While coupons do have a one year expiry date, they are issued to a specific member. They cannot be transferred to another member as that would upset stock management.

If you need to discontinue your membership but still have coupons in your possession, the company can refund only the service charge. The 7% VAT cannot be reimbursed, because it would have already been submitted to the Revenue Department. It is advisable to use up all the coupons and inform the Company of the membership cancellation in advance, to prevent unwanted new coupons being generated.