Payment Options

Sprinkle members can choose to pay the botle deposit or service charge to our delivery staff in one of 3 ways.

1: In Cash

Forward the cash to our delivery staff and DO NOT FORGET TO REQUEST A RECEIPT for every payment. Please check the accuracy of the amount, the legibility of the recipient’s signature and the issue date on your receipt for later verification.

2: By Cheque

Issue a cheque (A/C Payee Only) made payable to M. Water Co., Ltd. by crossing out the words “or holder”. Please request a receipt for every payment.

3: Pay by Bank

You will receive a pay-in slip with your monthly invoice for your payment in cash or cheque. Arrangements are available at five leading banks for your choice and convenience.
After subscribing, each member will receive documentation as follow:

Set 1: Tax Free

The Original Bottle Deposit and the Original Receipt of Bottle Deposit, with exemption of 7% VAT.

billing01 billing01

Set 2: Tax Payable

The Originals of Delivery Note / Tax Invoice / Invoice / Receipt containing the 7% VAT as the service charge on drinking water coupons. If you require a refund for your drinking water coupons, you will receive only the amount of the service charge for the drinking water. The 7% VAT cannot be reimbursed, because it will have been submitted to the Revenue Department.

billing03 billing04