1. In case of a service failure on your delivery schedule:

Please report the problem to our CallCenter on 02-712-7272, providing your: Membership number, Name of contact person, Telephone number.

Our operator at the CallCenter will immediately take care of you. The centre staff will coordinate with the delivery unit to arrange for an immediate delivery to you.

2. Request for rescheduling of your delivery service:

If it is not convenient for you to receive the delivery service on the appointed day, or if you will be absent from home on that day, please inform us one week in advance, so that the delivery service can be rescheduled to meet your requirement.

3. What should I do if I relocate:

Sprinkle can arrange for a delivery service to your new location. Please inform us at least one week before your move, providing
  1. Your Membership Number
  2. Your new address, and
  3. Fax us a map of your new location to 02-533-4630 so that our service section has enough time to arrange for the delivery service to you in time.
If members relocate, please kindly take all bottles to the new address. The member’s remaining coupons will still be valid, but the company may need to adjust the delivery schedule for the new address as appropriate.

4. If bottled water must be restored before the next scheduled delivery:

Please inform our service staff as soon as possible. We will call you back as soon as a delivery can be scheduled for you. Please provide: Membership number, Name of contact person, Telephone number .

so that you can be called back and advised when a suitable delivery will be made to you.

5. How to proceed if you wish to increase the number of bottles:

If you find that your stock of bottled water runs out more frequently than your weekly delivery, please check whether the consumption at your residence or office has increased. For example, you may be receiving more house guests than before. At the office there may be more employees or overtime work necessitating a greater quantity of bottled water than initially estimated.

The temporary solution of calling to order additional bottled water every time a shortage occurs interferes with the normal operations of our delivery service arranged for other members. A better solution is for you to increase your bottle deposit by one or two per delivery, so that you can have sufficient stock throughout the week. If, however, your requirements for bottled water decrease later, you can return the bottles and obtain a refund of your unused bottle deposit.

So to increase the number of bottles, simply contact our Call Center on 02-712-7272 and advise: Membership number, Name of contact person, Telephone number.

Please specify your requirement in this way, or you can leave a message with our delivery crew. Either way, you will receive an additional amount of bottled drinking water in your next scheduled delivery. You can also pay the bottle deposit in cash to our delivery staff on your delivery day.

6. Preparation for public holidays.

Ensure that you will have sufficient stock of bottled water if your delivery day falls on a national holiday which is also a holiday for our company. While the company can arrange for an additional supply for its members before public holidays, there are also other special arrangements necessary for the company to cover the large number of members who may simultaneously require additional deliveries.

Please check if your stock of bottled water will be sufficient for forthcoming holidays. If you require an additional quantity, please inform us at least two weeks in advance, so that no matter how long the holidays are, your fresh stock will last.