Sprinkle had devoted a lot of effort to improving its services by setting up ten distribution centres to deliver bottled water to ten different areas, namely Donmuang, Pathumthani, Bukkhalo, Rama 3 Road, Pakkret, Kingkeaw, Rama 2, Thawi-wattana Prawet and Bang Phli. Now we efficiently cover all zones of Bangkok and its suburbs. Our centres are in close proximity to Sprinkle members, who can confidently rely on service efficiency.

Express Service For New Subscriptions

The company offers a special service for all new members who may require an urgent first delivery. There is no need to wait for the routine weekly delivery schedule. For example, if you become a new member on Monday and you require an urgent delivery service, the company will arrange for the first delivery to you by Wednesday at the latest. After that, the company will fix your weekly delivery schedule and nominate your delivery day. This special service is only offered to new Sprinkle members.

Delivery Schedule

Sprinkle arranges the delivery schedule according to customer groups.
  1. For residences and smaller companies with a total bottle deposit of between three and fifteen bottles, the company arranges to deliver once per week.
  2. For medium-sized companies and industrial groups with a total bottle deposit of more than fifteen bottles, the company will arrange for water to be delivered on a mutually agreed schedule.

Delivery on schedule... But not at a fixed time

Sprinkle sets up delivery schedules with exact delivery dates. Unfortunately, owing to the unpredictable traffic conditions, exact arrival times cannot be fixed.

Delivery will be made... Even when no one is at home

For even greater convenience for all members residing in apartments or condominiums, if you are not at home for your scheduled delivery, just place your empty bottles outside your front door. Put the correct number of coupons for the bottles you want to exchange in a plastic bag and hang it on the neck of one of the empty bottles. Our delivery crew will collect the empty bottles and coupons and replace them with new bottles. So, when you are busy, there is no need to waste time waiting for delivery.